Asian Paints - Apex Ultima Wheather proof Emulsion Exterior Paints - Ivory

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Asian Paints

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Asian Apex Ultima

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·        A high performance, exterior emulsion

·        Specially formulated to safeguard your exteriors from extremeweather conditions

·        It comes with the revolutionary Colour Stay technology

·        Keeps colours fresh and your home new, for years

·        Contains high sheen that will make your walls sparkle

·        Adds elegance to your home and ensures that it makes heads turnand earn praises

·        Has special additives which prevent the paint film fromtarnishing

·        It also contains UV resistant colour pigments to ensure cleanerand brighter shades

·        Advanced anti algal bio pack prevents the formation of algae andkeeps ugly black spots away

·        Prevents dust from settling on the wall surface and in turn,retains the fresh look of your walls

·        7 year performance warranty that covers product performanceagainst fading, flaking, peeling, algal growth and fungal growth as well

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