75MM Huliot Ultra Silent Pipes Double Socket

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Reducing noise from wastewater and drainage systems in the home is not only about environmental quality but about quality of life.

Huliot’s Ultra Silent™ and Ultra Silent Plus™ present systems that are so effective and affordable it doesn’t make sense to install anything else in a new construction project.

Huliot’s Ultra Silent™ is an effective non-pressure soundproof wastewater and drainage piping system made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene compound (PP-MD). Available in diameters from 32 mm to 160mm, Ultra Silent™ products comply with all mechanical and measurement requirements (EN 1451-1) and suit above and below ground installation both inside and outside the building structure.

The system fittings are produced from black PP-MD compound and sealed with SBR-NR seals.


All pipes have three layers to provide the highest mechanical performance.

  • External black PP layer provides high-impact strength and excellent UV resistance.
  • Intermediate PP-MD layer provides acoustic insulation and increases the pipe stiffness.
  • Internal low-friction white PP layer provides the best flow performance, high resistance to chemical agents and high-definition contrast for visual monitoring.


The Ultra Silent™ system advantages

  • Fraunhofer IBP Test Laboratory results: Best measured acoustic insulation 19 db (A) at 4 l/s with basic clamps (EN 14366)
  • Enhanced flow rate due to smart, progressive design and full range of fittings
  • High temperature resistance: 95 °C long term, 98 °C short term
  • Extreme low-temperature impact strength: -20 °C for assembly
  • Improved fire behavior classification: D-s2-d2 (EN 13501-1)
  • Lightweight, easy handling and installation: Push-fit, ring seal, connection method
  • Swept branches improve the flow rate and reduce turbulence flow and accompanying airborne noise.
  • Extra socket depth for increased connection stabilization.
  • Best resistance to corrosive materials and longer lasting than other plastics and cast iron: durable for 100 years, according to raw material manufacturers, and more than 50 years, according to confirmed standard cycle test results .
  • Environmentally friendly: most neutral material with the smallest carbon footprint and without risk during the material and product production process; 100% recyclable. Huliot’s Ultra Silent™ systems carry the Green Label licenses by World Green Building Council (WGBC).
  • Negligible linear expansion in any direction and no need for special fittings


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