Rectangular Shower Tray 1100 x 1000 mm

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The Rectangular Shower Tray comes in plenty of sizes and will complete your enclosure. Huge range of rectangle shower trays for unbelievable low prices. Our shower trays are designed to fit most shower spaces and the most challenging shapes. It may seem obvious, but shower trays play a vital role in the bathroom, draining away waste water efficiently and protecting your bathroom floor.



Model    : RST-001RE
Brand    : AKASH
Size      : (1100 x 1000) Custom size also available in all shapes for bulk orders.
Material : ABS, Acrylic, fiberboard, glass fiber, resin
Color     : White, Black, Grey
Shape    : Rectangular
Drainer  : 70 mm Standard wide or 90mm option available
Feature  : Elegant,glossy,tough,durable,environmental.

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