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JK Wall Putty


Duro PnP a premium quality product, is white cement based mechanically blended with mineral powder and world class polymers designed to obtain highly water resistance (it resist water to penetrate in the walls and in the same time, the in-trapped waters comes out due to high vapor permeability properties), abrasion resistant, algae/fungi resistant, can be applied interior or exterior to receive all kinds of paints. The product has strong adhesion to concrete walls, renders, in fact to all kinds of cementitious substrates, making the substrate durable for a years and years.

Duro PnP overcomes the shortcomings like film rigidity and water sensitivity. This is the only product which can remove undulations and can replace the use of POP due to its enhanced properties. Due to its non-sagging properties it can be applied on ceilings and also on over headed areas. This product has excellent adhesion to different substrates in the wide range of conditions.

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